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Covid-19 hit the tourism industry particularly hard and thwarted our plans.
But we follow the recommendations and we stay at home.
We have to get the better of  this hard time together and soon we will go again to the mountain trails!

We know that dreams allow us to survive  hard times and keep us alive.
That’s why we have prepared a special offer for you:
10 x a voucher for our open expedition to Mt. Kazbek, which you can use until the end of 2021.
For you it’s a discount of 240 euros, so an opportunity, which has never been (and never will be) to get Mt. Kazbek with us.
Additionally each person who purchases a voucher will receive a gift from us: the original Buff with Mt. Kazbek,
which will make the time remaining until the expedition more pleasant.
It will allow us to implement all plans like investments that will make our expeditions better.
We don’t just want to survive, but as usual we want to prepare for you expeditions at the highest level!

HERE you will find the full offer of the expedition to which the voucher applies and dates of expeditions in 2020.
The dates of expeditions in 2021 will be announced in November.

Now #stayathome, then #climbkazbek with us! Write to us for more details!

We wish you a lot of health and positive energy for the nearest future!

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