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We organize trekking and mountain climbing throughout Georgia. Each of you will find something for yourself: trekking for beginners, a few days trip to the mountains, or climbing the most difficult peaks in Georgia.

For our guests we organize trekking and climbing in two ways:

  • custom expeditions / treks / climbs / on the dates of your preference.
    Using this option, you can be sure that we will prepare an offer for the most suitable tour.
  • for each season we create several open groups with a tour plan that you can join.
    A schedule of these expeditions can be found: HERE.

Here, where we live and where our office is located, in the area of Mt. Kazbek, we take you to: Truso Valley, Juta, Chaukhi massif, Dariali Gorge, Khde Gorge, Abudelauri Lakes, Gergeti Glacier, Arkhoti Valley, Arthmo Gorge, Kelitsadi Lake, Mna Valley and the peaks: Kuro, Shino, Shani / Pshani, Ortcveri.

We also specialize in the most beautiful trekking in Georgia – trekking from Omalo through Shatili to Juta. It is a few days trekking through the most wild areas of Georgia. We also organize shorter trekking in Tushetia and Chevsuretia, during which you can get to know these yet unknown areas.

Together with our guests, we also visit Svaneti, the land of the highest peaks of Georgia. Swanetia is climbing to popular peaks: Laila, Tetnuldi, Shkhara, Ushba and less known: Shota Rustaveli, Ailma, Tsurungala, Janghba, Gestola, Mazeri and others. Svaneti is also a beautiful place for trekking to: Koruldi Lakes, Tobavarchkhvili Lakes, Chalaadi Glacier, Ushba Glacier, Shkhara Glacier, Adishi Glacier, Khaldi Glacier, Ushguli, Mazeri, Mestia and many more.

We also take our groups to Racha, which is called Georgian Switzerland. This is a delightful and yet undiscovered by tourists fragment of the Caucasus, which combines the best of Georgia: mountains and wine (is a mountain region with many vineyards). Trekking to Lake Udziro, which has a heart shape, is one of the most beautiful trekking in all of Georgia!

New roads in the Georgian mountains, or new routes in the Georgian valleys is something we are waiting for and we are not afraid to take on such challenges. So if you found an interesting route and want to go with experienced guides – write to us.

We do not do mass tourism, but we offer and promise you the journey of your life.
We want you to feel the real atmosphere of an alpine expedition and the brotherhood of the rope.
e want you to drool over Georgia because we all consider it to be the most beautiful place on Earth.
We promise that during our expeditions your breath will be taken away repeatedly and you will feel that you are really alive.

Expedition to Kazbek

Expedition to Kazbek & Elbrus

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