Most of you will visit Stepantsminda just to start the journey to the top of Mt. Kazbek. However, we would like to encourage you with this short entry to stay in our region after the mountain action because it is definitely one of the most beautiful places in all Georgia and offers much more than just climbing Mt. Kazbek!

What shoes to wear for Mt. Kazbek & Mt. Elbrus expeditions?

In a separate post, we decided to specify again the selection of shoes for the Mt. Kazbek and / or Mt. Elbrus expedition. It is very important issue, because possession of unsuitable shoes can exclude from Mt. Kazbek and / or Mt. Elbrus summit push.

Acclimatization in the Meteo Station (Bethlemi Hut).

In this post you will find all information about the main base during the entire expedition to Mt. Kazbek, an old meteorological station Bethlemi Hut, which is popularly called by all Meteo Station, or simply Meteo.